‘Rivers’ Indie-Spoonful Review


Bryon William | October 12th, 2016

Mid Air is Luke and Chelsea Osicka, a young married couple from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The duo crossed Milwaukee to Minneapolis to complete their first inspirational CD ‘Never Far’ which features seven inspirational songs and the very promising Christian single. “Rivers.”

“Rivers” opens with steady acoustic rhythm guitar strumming and some nice clean hitting drums. The meter is in four and it has a really good sway with an uplifting feeling. You somehow feel a connection before you even hear the lyrics. Luke sings the first verse, “Put my feet on the ground with an eyeful of hope. Should I walk by my sight, I will repent till I’m blind. My mind wanders at times, my Lord shows me who’s right.” Contemporary Christian music fans will really appreciate the duos lyrics which are reflective and personal.

Luke has a tenor voice that has a pop quality to it that makes his sound easy to relate to. He knows just how to articulate and accent his phrasing and he clearly has a lot of passion in his soul, for music and his subject matter. The real treat happens after the second verse when the chorus is repeated. Here is where Chelsea enters with a lovely voice that has very nice tone. When Chelsea and Luke sing together – it is magic. The two voices perfectly complement each other. I especially enjoy when Chelsea adds harmonies and when the duo sing in a round-like fashion.

The song “Rivers” asks many questions, “Who are You, who am I? What am I on earth for? What’s your purpose for me? What’s your purpose for all?” It’s truly refreshing to hear such an honest inquiry in a spiritual song. Fans of inspirational music will enjoy Mid Air’s fresh approach to Christian songwriting.

The couple recorded a live version of the song “Rivers” in Brooklyn. There’s a bit of background noise – it is New York after-all – but fans will love the down-to-earth notion that two people can sit down on the ground and freely sing a song about their faith.

Mid Air is new to the Christian music recording scene with their first CD. I suspect the duo will grow as recording and touring musicians and that Inspirational outlets will welcome them open arms. You can listen to the entire CD at Bandcamp.


(Here is the review link).


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