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Photo by Ryan Lucas from “Cultivate Hope: A Pregnancy Story

Some of you saw my recent Facebook post on March 8th, the day after my first child’s birth, where I shared how in that same hospital of her arrival I had almost passed away eight years earlier. I had blacked out from alcohol that night and science says I should have been dead. I know now that that is the profoundly good grace of God. He feels that way for all people. The why’s are often too difficult for us to comprehend because you might say, “Why Luke and why not someone else (being spared)?” All I know is God loves all people so dearly that He gave us His Son. He is not the destroyer, that is another. But God, the Creator, the Giver of Life, desires to give it abundantly, the life I get to give to my daughter, and all those who will receive it.

Most of you do not know my testimony. You have heard glimpses of it here and there, but perhaps heard something from me or someone else, but simply don’t actually know how I got to where I got to. I can tell you this much in rapid language: God has made Himself plainly clear in creation, but for people like you and me (in or among the connected world), we have no excuse but to know Him. I have had many people reach out to me over time regarding Jesus. By the grace of God, my friend Jason told me of not the Jesus of religion, but of relationship. I talk about this in our song, Far North (below). “My friend said you were made for better, he told me of the real Jesus.” It goes on.



There’s so much more, but really I want to get to something here and I want to ask you the reader, listener, friend, to invest in us today; I presume many of you have previous to this day. I have been so blessed time and time again by friends and family regarding many outlets, from music to missions to my wife and now my daughter. I want to ask you to join hands with us in this. We are just blessed for the opportunity.

We have entered into a contest by Rawkzilla called American Battle which sends bands to play in select Christian music festivals. We love to play our music in all environments, especially where Christ’s resurrection power is not known and we also love to join an atmosphere where the Gospel is saturated. Wherever it’s preached, it bears fruit.

We want to ask you to send us to play at these Christ-focused festivals this summer that are all about spreading God’s love. Send us there by going to our American Battle profile and then click the big blue share button! When you do, join us in using the hashtag #risetolife with a story of how God has redeemed you or a situation around you. Come on!

If you’ve yet to hear our music or like our Facebook page, we invite you to do so. And if you’ve yet to have your free download of our debut album, Never Far, please do!

Much Love,

Luke & Chelsea (And Naomi)


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