As an eight year-old, Luke’s fifty year-old dad, Tim, told Luke and his sisters that he was going to record an album. They laughed and shrugged their shoulders only to find, within that year, that their dad put together a twelve-song CD of fresh material and managed to do up their garage into a custom professional recording studio with enough stage equipment to play any bar in the States. Throughout the years Luke picked up and put down the guitar, which Tim taught him — including the art of writing music and especially a message. When Luke was twelve his dad asked him to sing “Only the Young” (Journey) to which Luke responded, “No.” Tim told Luke to go to his room after Luke denied the request a handful of times. This experience, rooted deeply in greater context, left Luke disheartened to the point of not singing out loud for an entire two and a half years.

At a backyard party, Luke, aged fifteen, was introduced to his friend, Clay, who became an instant musical mate and reinstilled a fire for music within him. Luke then met up with Rico Jaeger, who sang on his dad’s second and third albums, to join Rico’s men’s choir at the high school Luke and Clay were both transferring to. As Rico endorsed Luke’s voice and, more importantly for Luke, his passion, Luke found his stride musically. He carried this, as a singer, into a band named The Autumn and as a collegiate singer at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

During the spring of his sophomore year Luke was dismissed from student housing and academics as a result of underage drinking misdemeanors. Inspired by a Kid Cudi song, “Cudi Zone,” Luke then wrote the song, “Feels Like (Whoa)” which articulated where he perceived his life was. In this same season Luke recorded eight demo tracks with his friend Mitch. One year later Luke put them online and began performing the songs live. Shortly after releasing his work Luke was greatly impacted by a co-worker, who became a dear friend, named Jason. This relationship led Luke to the revelation that not only could you know Jesus but you can know Him now, moment by moment. In the following year Luke joined the worship team at his new found church body, where he was introduced to intentional community living.

Luke would go on to study at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He put together social justice events that partnered with area artists to raise awareness for local poverty, sexual trafficking, and such causes. In the end of this season of life Luke partnered with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) to learn, in a greater capacity, how to impact society for the greater good. This began in Australia with a return to the States months later for a lecture phase of Christian discipleship training. At the start of the new year Luke spent two months between Athens, Greece and Prague, Czech Republic with YWAM. While there a correspondence with an acquaintance made at the church he’d visited during his lecture phase began. Luke had encountered this girl a few times on holiday breaks in months prior to his trip and had expressed an established interest in more intimate relationship with her. She turned him down days before he left the States. Once Luke was overseas she reached out via text, asking to be provided a list of names of people Luke was meeting on street outreach so that she could partner in his ministry by praying for them. This deeply moved him and set in motion a natural unfolding of growing intimacy with her. By the time he had transitioned with his team from the first city to the next on outreach, Luke had already purposed himself to move to Milwaukee, WI upon his return to the U.S. and graduation from YWAM’s discipleship training school (DTS) to be near Chelsea. Sharing this news with her, and having it gladly received, Luke shortly thereafter proposed that they get married within six months time. She heartily agreed. Two weeks after his completion of the DTS, on Good Friday, in a public park in downtown Milwaukee, the whole community being invited along with their friends and family, Luke and Chelsea were married.

From an early age Chelsea was naturally gifted in many creative mediums, including music. Never having done any serious performing but with dreams of sharing her voice with the public someday, she was always exploring the capabilities of her voice, harmonizing with the radio and in corporate worship settings. During their correspondence in February, Luke sent Chelsea a recording of a song he had written. Late that same night she spent some time creating a voice memo recording of her harmonies layered over his song. She sent it to him and, upon listening to it at the start of his new day, a lifelong dream of Luke’s was realized as he knew he’d get to not only do music, but do it with his future wife.

On the last day of their honeymoon, Luke and Chelsea began ordering an album through Luke’s songbook and that day went in for a session with their friend, David Wiesjahn. He and Luke had known each other through Daniel Rosenbush, someone they both were close to and had worked with in different musical facets, and played bass on two tracks on the album including lead guitar on one of those tracks. Luke learned about David through some of Daniel’s work. They formed an instant synergy, along with Chelsea doing her first ever recording. The process took three months and about five sessions of the newlyweds traveling from Milwaukee to Minneapolis. David quietly logged the production time and they had an album.

Luke and Chelsea played a handful of shows over the summer of their debut album release including headlining at an annual showcase at the well-traveled indie hangout of the University of Minnesota’s The Whole Music Club. In the fall, they found their new home base of Eau Claire, WI and the following summer in Kansas City, MO. Their debut album, Never Far, is getting regular American college radio airplay and streaming in endless nations worldwide. A physical CD edition was made available September 2017.


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